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Sleek Interface... Usability... Ease of Use...Complete Data... Your dream weather application is here.

"iWeather Complete Pro" is a highly interactive iphone app, concluded after months of weather usability analysis. Few of the prominent features are:

• High-end professional design.

• Excellent use of screen.

• Search weather for any location in the world.

• Search weather by Current Location, City Name, Zip code(US only).

• Shake to display the weather of Current Location.

• Radar.

• Satellite(Infrared).

• Webcam.

• Map of the location searched.

• Forecast for Day as well as Night for 7 days

• Hourly weather forecast for 24 hours

• Default Location Setting to see the weather every time you start the app.

• On screen ‘Celsius’ to ‘Fahrenheit’ conversion.

• Average weather graph of temperature for 24 hours.

• Moon phase details.

• History of search you performed for your destination.

• Bookmark of the location you performed for your destination to see the weather on day to day usage.

• Re-arrange of the Bookmarked location.

• Default setting of temperature (°C/°F) to see the weather in every time you start the app.

• Bunch of weather information being displayed in a highly intuitive manner.

Current Weather includes information like:

• Current Temperature

• Current Condition

• Wind

• Humidiy

• Dewpoint

• Wind Chill

• Barometer

• UV Index

• Visibility

• High Temperature

• Low Temperature

In the Forecast, along with temperature, you will find additional useful information such as:

• Wind

• Humidity

• Precipitation

Hourly Forecast includes following information:

• Wind

• Humidity

• Dewpoint

• Wind Chill

• Precipitation

The Weather data is being provided by Weather Underground.(wunderground.com)

Stay tuned to get updates on the most user-friendly & a truly complete weather app.


Minor bugs resolved

Latest OS support

  • 类别:Weather
  • Bundle ID:viteb.iWeatherComplete
  • 大小: 26.37 MB
  • 是否支持 Watch:不支持
  • 语言:English
  • 支持语言:English
  • 兼容性:Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
  • 发布日期:2009-12-09
  • 更新日期:2015-12-03
  • 版本:3.0
  • 家人共享: 支持
  • 支持网站:http://www.vitebmobileapps.com/
  • 发行国家:阿拉伯联合酋长国,阿尔巴尼亚,亚美尼亚,阿根廷共和国,奥地利,澳大利亚,阿塞拜疆,比利时,保加利亚,巴林,贝宁,巴西,巴哈马群岛,白俄罗斯,伯利兹,加拿大,瑞士,智利,中国,哥伦比亚,哥斯达黎加,佛得角,捷克,德国,丹麦,多米尼加共和国,厄瓜多尔,爱沙尼亚,埃及,西班牙,芬兰,法国,英国(联合王国),加纳,冈比亚,希腊,中国香港,克罗地亚,匈牙利,印度尼西亚,爱尔兰,以色列,印度,意大利,约旦,日本,肯尼亚,柬埔寨,韩国;南韩,科威特,哈萨克斯坦,黎巴嫩,利比里亚,立陶宛,卢森堡,拉脱维亚,马达加斯加,马里,马耳他,毛里求斯,马拉维,墨西哥,马来西亚,尼日尔,尼加拉瓜,荷属,挪威,新西兰,阿曼,巴拿马,秘鲁,菲律宾,巴基斯坦,波兰,葡萄牙,卡塔尔,罗马尼亚,俄罗斯,沙特阿拉伯,瑞典,新加坡,斯洛文尼亚,斯洛伐克,塞内加尔,圣多美和普林西比,斯威士兰,乍得,泰国,土尔其,特立尼达和多巴哥,中国台湾,坦桑尼亚,乌克兰,美国,乌拉圭,委内瑞拉,越南,也门,南非共和国
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