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Free translator from Sinhala to English, and from English to Sinhala

This free application is able to translate words and text from Sinhala to English, and from English to Sinhala. Best application for easy and fast translation, which can be used like a dictionary. If you are a student, tourist or traveler, it will helps you to learn the Sinhala or English language!

Sinhala English Translator has these features:

- Hear translated text in Sinhala or English

- Social Media - Share your translated text directly with friends through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, SMS, Email, Messenger....

- Sinhala English Translator

- English Sinhala Translator

- Clipboard translate - copy text from other app to clipboard and paste into our app. It will translate that text to your selected language

- Simple and user-friendly interface

- Voice input - input text by recording your voice, quick and easy recognize to translate to Sinhala or English

- Camera translation - select region of text from image captured by camera or region of text from gallery image and our app will translate it for you

- History - remember all your previous translations for you. You can select words or sentences you've already translated in the past and see it result. Offline access for translated words, text and sentences.

- Favorite translation - list all your favorite words or sentences when you click our favorite button.

Free translator from Sinhala to English, and from English to Sinhala.

Bonus Feature – Learn and Master the pronunciation as Sinhala English Translator has in built audio feature. Hear the translated text and conveniently communicate with your friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, family members or tourists.

We have English translator for other languages too, for e.g. German, Vietnamese, French, and many more. Drop us an email if you are interested.

We would love to hear your suggestions & feedback for Sinhala English Translator! Please continue to send questions, suggestions and ideas to ttma.apps@gmail.com.

If you like our application please rate 5 star for us

Thank for your support!

  • 开发商:Luong Thi Hoai Thu
  • 类别:Education
  • Bundle ID:com.recommended.mobileapp.sinhalaenglishtranslator
  • 大小: 17.81 MB
  • 是否支持 Watch:不支持
  • 语言:English, Vietnamese
  • 支持语言:English, Vietnamese
  • 兼容性:Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
  • 发布日期:2018-07-23
  • 更新日期:2018-07-23
  • 版本:1.0
  • 家人共享: 支持
  • 支持网站:https://www.facebook.com/xuxithu
  • 发行国家:阿拉伯联合酋长国,澳大利亚,巴林,百慕大,加拿大,瑞士,中国,塞浦路斯,德国,芬兰,法国,英国(联合王国),冈比亚,中国香港,以色列,意大利,约旦,日本,肯尼亚,柬埔寨,韩国;南韩,科威特,开曼群岛,黎巴嫩,斯里兰卡,利比里亚,拉脱维亚,马耳他,毛里求斯,马来西亚,新西兰,阿曼,菲律宾,卡塔尔,罗马尼亚,沙特阿拉伯,塞舌尔,新加坡,圣多美和普林西比,特克斯和凯科斯群岛,乍得,泰国,中国台湾,美国
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