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"Night of the Full Moon" is a stand-alone card game. There is no mandatory beginners guide, no internet connection, no brush map, no ten strokes. The plot will be played in the card battle. Each NPC and BOSS are given a mission and a temperament. Different choices will bring different endings.


In order to find the missing grandmother, Little Red Riding Hood went alone to the Black Forest, where it was always dark and night. She is about to face the guardian of the forest elves, the ferocious werewolf, the sedentary witch, the strange villagers and the truth that slowly surfaced...

On the full moon night, the mysterious veil of the Black Forest will be unveiled one by one...


* Mild strategy turn-based card battle

* Six occupations, more than 500 cards free to match

* Ninety-three mysterious opponents await your challenge

* Randomly trigger unknown events during the adventure

* Multiple plot options that affect your reputation and courage

[Developer's message]

Willing to adulthood we still remember the beginning of the heart, like Little Red Riding Hood as brave and warm

No matter how dark the way forward, never give up my heart so that you can finally pursue the light.

On the full moon night, reunite with your grandmother.

For the candlelight of the years, for a good ending

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Fix some bugs on certain devices (Jan. 24)

1 New Character-Werewolf

Little Carpenter was fond of the Little Red Riding Hood who lived near the gate of village. He always played with her after work done. Seeing Little Red Riding Hood was so happy, Carpenter almost spoke out his love but he didn’t. Because there was always a secret only known by himself. At every night of full moon, his body would make uncontrollable change and finally turn into a horrible werewolf.…

2 New Cards

We have added new cards (80+) to current characters and monsters. Unlock new DLC to experience rich strategy gameplay and fun of more genre combinations.

3 New Monster

WeirdFishman, Piggy Architect, Candy Man, Prince Charming, Poker Soldier, , Slaughterer(10+) appear in Black Forest.

4 New Mode-Time & Love

Little Red Riding Hood used pocket watch to return to past. Only memory shards can save grandma.

Note: Dreamland will unlock hidden end.

5 New Event

5.1 Newly added special event — Magic Lamp Blessing: Triggered via defeating BOSS

5.2 Newly added envoy event — Grandma's Advice: Triggered via collecting all memory shards.

6 New Plot

Exclusive plot for Carpenter. Same Night of Full Moon, Different perspective and encounter.

To save Little Red Riding Hood? Or explore own secret? What choice will werewolf make?

Besides the plots revealed in new dialogues, add 2 “Final Truth” in DLC.

7 New Blessing

Add 40+ new blessings. Different blessings can create various synergies.

Campfire: Card reward on your level ups will be doubled.

Fraud Space: When you disable your opponent's card, you have a 50% chance of getting a temporary copy of that card.

Genetic Modification: When you shuffle a card to your deck, shuffle a temporary copy of that card.


8 Honor and Recommendation

8.1 Honor

New Achievement Type: Honor. For those who have been supporting us.

8.2 Recommendation

Thanks excellent UGC creators, and recommend their works to players.

8.3 Card Handbook

In card handbook, you can check key word description of certain card and characters that can get this card.

8.4 Blessing Handbook

Add blessing handbook where you can check blessings gained.

9 Other

Storm Strike, Divine Strike, and Painful Strike: Change skill cap: 3 ->2

Chaos Strike: Deal 2/4/6 or 4/6/8 random damage -> Deal 3/5 piercing damage

Lightning Strike: Deal 2 lightning damage. Repeats 3 times. -> Deal 2 lightning damage. Get 2 temporary Jarring

Phantom Swipe: Deal 3 damage. The enemy loses all their mana. -> Exiled, Draw a card, deal 3 damage and the enemy loses all mana

Crush: Deal 10 damage. -> Deal 12 damage.

Hasty Healing: Restore 5 health. Destroy 1 piece of enemy equipment on the combat field at random. -> Restore 3 health. Draw a card.

Infection: Enemy suffers Poisoned*1/2/3 -> Enemy suffers Poisoned*2/3/4

Auction Ticket: Draw 1 card for each piece of equipment on your combat field. –> Draw 2 cards, -1 action cost for each piece of equipment on your combat field.

Awaiting Orders: Add 2 temporary Feint cards to your hand -> Exiled, Add 2 temporary Feint cards to your hand

Ice Potion: Deal 3/3/3 water damage. The enemy suffers Chilled*1/2/3 –> Deal 2/2/3 water damage. The enemy suffers Chilled*1/2/3

Fire Potion: Deal 3/3/3 fire damage, the enemy suffers Burn*1/2/3 –> Deal 2/2/3 fire damage, the enemy suffers Burn*1/2/3

Sticky Potion: Deal 3/3/3 damage, the enemy suffers Stuck*1/2/3 –> Deal 2/2/3 damage, the enemy suffers Stuck*1/2/3

Shadow Potion: Deal 3/4/5 piercing damage. Drain 3/4/5 maximum health from enemy. -> Deal 2/3/4 piercing damage. Drain 2/3/4 maximum health from enemy.

  • 开发商:Giant Network Technology Co., Ltd.
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  • 语言:English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
  • 支持语言:English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
  • 兼容性:Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
  • 发布日期:2017-10-19
  • 更新日期:2019-01-24
  • 版本:1.9.6
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  • 内容评级:9+